Hedge Trimming Lichfield

Hedge Trimming Lichfield

One of the chores homeowners hate most is to cut back their garden hedges. You probably put it off for many weeks and then find that they are out of control, and you can’t do it yourself.

Though this is a problem that many people have, there is hope! With hedge trimming in Lichfield from a reputable tree surgeon, the work gets done for you. Lichfield Trees can assist with this situation and helps your hedges become neater, have the right appearance and shape, and become more compact.

Typically, it’s better for you and the hedge if you do this regularly, and a routine maintenance programme can be highly beneficial. Still, you may not have the time or energy to do it alone. That’s why you can call on us, as we have the right tools and experience to handle hedge trimming in Lichfield!

 Why Choose Us

 If you think it’s ideal to bring in hedge trimming specialists, ensure that you choose the right company. Hedges can cost a lot, and you don’t want to spoil yours by cutting them incorrectly or not knowing the right time frame to do it. A skilled hedge trimming professional offers you advice and guidance about the best time to trim them and knows how to do it properly!

 Ornate Designs

 Many homeowners prefer hedges that have ornate designs, such as archways, curves, and more. Lichfield Trees can help you with that, and our team knows some of the trendiest styles available right now.

While you can use any professional trimming service, it’s often best to choose tree surgeons. They know all there is to know about trimming and can apply that knowledge to your situation.

Promote Good Health

 When the hedges are trimmed correctly, they stay strong and healthy. This also stimulates new growth and improves the root system. As the plant gets denser, it can easily fight off diseases and pest attacks.

Plus, you may notice that the hedge looks more attractive and appealing. With a strong and healthy system, it can do what it’s supposed to do. This includes forming a boundary between your neighbour’s space and yours, giving you more privacy, and sheltering the home from strong winds.

If the hedges aren’t looked after effectively, they can become top-heavy or straggly. You may notice a lack of foliage, unsightly holes, and leaves that have fallen to the bottom. However, there is hope!

With appropriate hedge trimming in Lichfield, those gaping holes are filled in with new shoots sooner. You’re also sure to see that the plant has a tidier appearance with routine cutting.

Many times, uncared for hedges spread outwards, so you see large areas of twigs inside with no leaves. In fact, an unkempt hedge can take up more space in the garden. This means you have less room to plant beautiful flowers or vegetables.

We realise that this isn’t what you want! If things have gotten so bad, you can rely on us for hedge trimming. When we do clip it, there are sure to be bald batches and brown branches. This can be unsightly, but with time, it’s going to recover and be full and luxurious.

 Go with the Best

 Homeowners everywhere know that hedge trimming in Lichfield is important. However, it’s often hard to do it alone. We take on all types of jobs and focus on the hedge height, size of the space, and the hedge’s current condition.

Please call us on 01543 755 147 for your free quotation today. There’s no obligation to you, but we can assess your needs, offer advice, and help you get your hedges on a routine maintenance programme to benefit them!


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