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stump grinding Lichfield

When you’ve got stumps in your yard, it’s important to look for local specialists to help with stump removal & grinding in Lichfield. Lichfield Trees can help you!

 Many times, trees blow over during storms, and you can remove them easily. However, they may leave unsightly stumps in the garden. These are highly unattractive, but they can also be dangerous. People can trip over them and fall, especially if large roots protrude from the ground.

 Often, stumps become the home for rodents and provide food for annoying insects. When that happens, it’s time to arrange for stump removal & grinding in from Lichfield Trees.

There are countless reasons to remove stumps from your property, such as:

  • Not Aesthetically Pleasing – A tree stump in the lawn doesn’t add to the appeal or design of the exterior.
  • Hazardous – It’s easy to trip and fall over stumps, especially if the grass has grown up around them and they’re concealed. Sometimes, stumps damage lawn equipment.
  • Insect Haven – Wasps, hornets, bees, and termites may all make a home in a decaying tree stump. It’s the perfect place for these bugs to thrive.
  • Regrow Trees – Once a tree is felled, some species can regrow to create a reoccurring problem.
  • Continuously Growing Roots – Some tree species continue to take nutrients through the roots, even after it falls. You need Sutton Trees to make sure that root growth stops with stump removal.

What Is Tree Stump Grinding?

 Sometimes, you require the tree stump to be ground down if it falls. The remaining stump is often an eyesore and a hazard. Usually, we recommend grinding instead of removal because it’s cost-effective, and it works!

The process is simple. While the grinding equipment is lightweight, it’s still strong. Plus, we can manoeuvre it wherever it needs to go. We often grind the stump to about 6 to 10 inches below the ground’s level. You can keep the chips and use them as mulch, or we can haul them away.

Usually, we take some of that mulch to put in the hole and level it off. We can also use topsoil, which we bring to the site. If you have other ideas, please talk to us. In fact, you can use that hole to put in a new bush or tree, and we can cover it with soil to help it grow.

Professional and Safe Services

Specific equipment is necessary to grind down a stump, and it’s also dangerous if you don’t have the right training and skill. Lichfield Trees uses tree specialists with licensure, experience, and training to handle the job quickly and safely. We have insurance for your property and our specialists.

The Difference Between Stump Removal & Grinding in Lichfield

Stump removal focuses on removing the entire mass and its root ball from the ground. This is often challenging and labour-intensive, depending on the tree’s size and location.

However, stump grinding uses special machines to grind down the stump below ground level. We can fill that area with dirt or mulch. It’s a simpler process, which means it often costs less and requires less time to do.


It’s hard for us to judge the cost without seeing your property. Several factors can contribute to the price. For example, a large stump requires more complex equipment to successfully grind it down. We also focus on where it’s located; if it’s near a garden, building, or mailbox, we must take more care to do it right.

Regardless, our experts offer competitive and fair pricing. Please call us on 01543 755 147 to request your free quotation today.

stump removal Lichfield
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