Crown Reduction, Thinning & Lifting Lichfield

Crown Reduction, Thinning & Lifting Lichfield

We specialize in the following types of Tree pruning:

Crown reduction

This is a pruning technique that reduces the height or spread of the crown of a tree. It is commonly recommended when a tree has outgrown its designated space. The result is a smaller crown without comprising the tree’s structural integrity and making the tree more suited for the environment.

Crown thinning

This process is the selective removal of stems and branches from hardwood trees. The aim is to increase light penetration and air movement through to the crown without changing the tree’s shape or size. Most significantly, it is done to remove crossed and rubbing branches and reduce crown density while retaining a natural shape.

Crown lifting

This is another service where we remove the lowest branches to allow light to penetrate the ground, access below the tree, improve views, and clear sightlines. This effectively increases the amount of sunlight to areas of the tree, reduces conflict issues with traffic, creates a desirable view, and creates a lower trunk free of branches.

The tree surgeons at Lichfield are versed in identifying which crowning technique is needed for various trees and what recommendations to make for upkeep and maintenance.

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